Mala ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana
tel. +386 70 423 000

Mala ulica 6, 1000 Ljubljana
tel. +386 70 423 000

Our mission is to research the efficacy and safety of natural remedies that are currently available or are of limited access to persons in need. By setting standards for quality control and standardization, providing accreditation programs, and taking part in clinical trials, our aim is to ensure natural remedies are clean (free of contaminants) and effective at known dosages to the user. Underlying our mission is to educate the public, medical professionals and legislators of our findings based on sound scientific methodologies and principles.

Quality Assurance

We provide the tools for quality assurance of any natural product being manufactured or used by consumers for medical of supplementation purposes. By standardizing natural remedies to key actives, we guarantee that dosage regimens can be met and the same effect can be achieved with consistency. By ensuring that the product is clean and free of contaminants by providing test results for; pesticides, heavy metals, pathogenic microorganisms and solvent contamination, and furthermore, by endorsing and taking part in clinical trials (pilot, observational, or placebo controlled, double blinded ), we are adding to and validating the usefulness of natural product remedies and assuring efficacy and safety. We also provide accreditation programs for companies, NGO’s, government institutes and individuals involved in the manufacture, distribution, and sales of natural remedies to consumers to ensure that established standards are met.

Laboratory Services

We have collaborations with laboratories worldwide including; Slovenia, Canada, Spain, Macedonia, the United States and Israel. We use these partners to confirm results, develop methodologies and validate analytical methods, to ensure accuracy of results. We know the frustration of many clients sending two of the same natural product samples to two different laboratories and getting two very different results.

A major goal of the research institute is to end this discrepancy in result, by setting the “gold standard”, for laboratory analysis of key actives and contaminants in natural product medications. Each of these collaborating laboratories has principals with many years experience in analytical testing and quality control issues, thus providing an international framework in scientific understanding and excellence.

We use this same framework to establish our accreditation programs, following the same gold standard protocols used in our analytical methodology (that is the basis of quality assurance) and extend this into courses, workshops and ultimately, diplomas, that are fundamental to safety and efficacy in final, consumable, products.

Laboratory Instrumentation

Instrument Test
High Pressure Liquid Chromatography
Major actives (standardization)
Pesticide contamination
Some Terpenoids
Gas Chromatography/Mass Spectroscopy
Major actives (standardization)
Pesticide contamination
Inductively Couples Plasma/Mass
Spectroscopy (ICP/MS)
Heavy Metal contamination
Microbiology Laboratory Salmonella, E. Coli, Coliforms, yeasts
and molds, etc.

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Medical Cannabis Services

Our primary focus is medical cannabis, the endocannabinoid system, dosages, routes of administration and, once again, efficacy and safety. Our research team comprises some of the early pioneers in cannabis research, including; Dr. Lumir Hanus (Israel), Dr. Robert Melamede (Colorado, USA), Dr. David Neubauer (Slovenia), and Dr. Paul Hornby (Canada). (Provide profiles for each.) These experts have handpicked staff in their fields of interest, to carry out experiments, analysis, data collection, interpretation and reporting.

Patient/Caregiver Services

In order to provide needed services to the medical cannabis community, we take priority to the most in need…the patients or end-users. In many cases we are dealing with the caregivers to these persons, that are requiring, clean, standardized product. We currently offer potency testing for many preparation types, including; flower samples, extracts/concentrates, suppositories, tinctures, topicals, e-juices and oral forms of cannabis. We provide profiles of cannabinoid and terpenoid content, as standardization protocols (and decarboxylation efficiencies), plus quality control checks for the above listed parameters. Indeed, our experts also provide consultation services, for specific answers on dosage, routes of administration and cannabis strain types that are deemed efficacious for a particular ailment or disease.

Hemp and CBD Industry Services

We are well aware that the hemp varieties of cannabis contain an abundance of cannabidiol (CBD) as opposed to THC. Our protocols encourage and validate hemp stains from seed to finished product. We consult on strain selection, growing techniques, processing of seed and flower (trichome separation techniques), extraction, standardization, quality control, packaging and labeling. Our services are designed to meet all of the needs of hemp product producers. Again, our experts advise on dosage, administrative routes, and profile or strain selection based on peer reviewed scientific studies, for specific conditions.